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We are excited to have WARREN MARTIN as our Revival Speaker August 24th - 27th. Here is his Bio.


Executive Director of the General Tommy Franks Leadership Institute and Museum, is the primary presenter of all Inspired Leadership Experiences.

Warren has been leading leadership workshops, presenting keynote presentations and consulting with Fortune 500 corporations for 16 years. A Philosophy graduate from Texas Tech and author of 5 books, Warren is known for his unique teaching style. He has worked in 28 countries around the world (mostly in the Middle East and Latin America).

He has also worked with teachers, organizations, and youth ministers to develop curriculum and need specific training. Warren has been listed among the top 400 speakers in America. His passion is to invest in the lives of others through servant leadership to assist them in reaching their full potential.
He has been in ministry since 1994, when he served as a youth minister in Lubbock, TX. Since that time he has served in the mission field, and has worked with churches and ministries across America.

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